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Goodbye, Batukaras! But finally some surf pics ;)

Why we moved away earlier than expected...

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Dear all,

as Sigrid has problems with her arms and back since days and we needed to see a hospital, we finally decided to move earlier to Bandung. It was a good decision and if you ever need a hospital in Indonesia, we can recommend RS Advent - ofcourse not the same like in Europe, but it was clean and helpful. She must wear now a ruff, but luckily she feels better. And we are both more relaxed!

But before we write you more about Bandung and the area around (Lembang), I promised you some surfing pictures. As we told you before, the waves are smooth at Batukaras and never ever dangerous or enormous, but we also had some bigger days. With some decent swell, the waves are not only fun for long-boarders, also at lower tides, short-boarders can find their happiness. If you catch the wave right at the point infront of the rocks, you can ride for at least 300-500 meters till the next bay. One guy was lucky and a got a leaving fisher boat that gave him a lift back to the point ;).
After four o'clock on the good days, the locals invade the point. They start infront of the rocks and it gets almost impossible to get the good ones. We advice to surf in the morning or early afternoon.

I enjoyed surfing in Batukaras a lot. As a whipe-out never has consequences, you can really work on your turns and take more risk.

Hang loose,
The Soulfeeders


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Next steps...and some new decisions

Why you should change your plans if needed

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Hello again,

after Borobudur we wanted to move to Red Island (East Java). There are a few surf spots and also the famous G-Land. We thought that this could be a nice place because it is surrounded by a national park and includes a lot of wild animals, snorkeling spots and nature. But, sometimes Java also brings changes. We would needed at least 15 hours by train to go their and we could not find so many great recommandations of other surfers. On the other hand, we started to miss the easy-life of Batukaras. On the last day of Borobudur, Stefan checked the swell for the next weeks...and it was clear, that we will move back to our little surfer-village and friends. Our welcome-back-party was so sweet and everyone was totally happy to see us again. And we knew immediately that this was the right decision. Deni, the owner of Lagooon Beach Bungalows, was very nice and organised our transport back as well as our bungalow for the first week. Stefan brought some high-class fishing equipment with him and Deni connected us with some fishermen of the village to do a trip on the sea. It was very nice to see the coastline from more far away and we had a funny time with the fishermen even we did not speak the same language.

And for all surfers here worldwide: tomorrow we will post some images from the waves!

The Soulfeeders


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Birthday Party and a big thank you

Travelling is not only about to explore different cultures, it is also about making new friends!

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Happy Happy!
I wanna say a big thank you for all birthday wishes that comes through all different kind of channels. I had a blast! My birthday party was really great, Sigrid organised everything so well and I had the perfect day. First the swell was perfect, waves bigger and I had a day full of surfing! Sigrid was so nice and did some pictures of me while surfing and you will see these images quite soon! I promise! In the evening, I had a birthday surprise. We went to the great place Lagoona Bungalows, where we had our first night. If you every wanna go to Batukaras, you should definitely stay here for a while! Our friends were also there and we had the best fish barbecue ever! I do not know how Sigrid did this, but I even got a really tastefull birthday cake. We just enjoyed the good dinner, had a few cocktails, good music and chatting. Tomorrow we will move on to Yogyakarta!
See you soon,
The Soulfeeders


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A tribute to Batukaras

Why we are sad to say Goodbye to Batukaras

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Hey Ho!

Today is our last day in Batukaras, which is sad because we will miss the people, the vibe and the beach here. It is also Stefan's birthday today and the waves couldn't be better. He is surfing all day long enjoying the last waves before we will move to Central Java. Tonight we will celebrate his birthday and also our farewell. After two weeks here, it almost feels a bit like home and I am quite sure, that we will be back someday. If Batukaras does not expand too much, it could stay a hotspot for the perfect surfer-vibe with personality and friendliness. You should visit Batukaras if you are not disappointed if the waves are sometimes not that good as you expect, but you search for a relaxed feeling, lovely people and a very friendly line up! Even with the SUP Board, we did not have stress with someone. If you respect the rules, you are more than welcome!

I wanted to shoot Stefan today, so I was the whole time at the beach and took some pictures. As soon as Stefan sorted it out, we will post some of the pictures that shows him on the board. But at least you can find some images of the vibe at the beach of Batukaras. I am sure everybody would be more happy, if we spend more time at the beach. Now we will get ready for the party... I hope everything works out well, not so easy to organise things in Indonesia ;)

The Soulfeeders


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Green Valley, turtles and some puppet makers

Last days in Batukaras

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Dear all,

good news: Stefan feels better today! As he had also high fever yesterday, we went to see the doctor in Cijulang which was quite interesting. You have to put off your shoes to get in. The place was clean and the doctor nice, even if we needed someone to translate. It is very basic, but we think that they know about the problems you can have in this area. He told us, that Stefan should take Paracetamol, rest in the room and he also gave us some vitamine-pills. All in all he seemed very unexcited and we did not worry about it anymore. Next day, after a lot of good food, sleeping and medicine, Stefan woke up without fever and felt much better. He already went surfing in the afternoon and had a good session.

After breakfast we decided to move around and see the Green Valley. A very nice, quite and lovely place to see a beautiful river, some waterfalls and they even have fishes for your pedicure ;). We also saw a white monkey-family in the trees but it was hard to take a picture of them. Maybe with a little imagination you can recognize it. As puppet makers are here very common, we went to a man who is building these strange figures. They all have a story, you have a bad guy, a heroe, couples like Romeo and Juliette, a wise man and so on. It is a very nice way to pass on stories and history. They are all handmade, wooden carved and painted. We would loved to buy one, but we have a long transport before we go home and we were worried that it will be broke before we can give it away as a present. After this lesson in puppet making, we moved on to a turtle sanctuary and we saw three days old babies swimming around. Really cute and if you are around, support it, because we need more turtles in the sea. By the way: the are eating jelly fishes so even more good to have them around.

In the evening, we went to a new Warung called Bonsai. A tiny, very simple place. The waiter was, let us say, bit confused and half of the menue was not available, but at least we had a very delicious meal. Beef satay, a very good soup with coconut milk and, ofcourse, rice. We will see how we feel tomorrow, but if you search for a very cheap indonesian food in Batukaras, that is your place to be.

For now, we say good night!

Love, The Soulfeeders


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