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Prambanan, Gunung Merapi and a Jeep Tour

Moving around Yogyakarta!

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Hello again,
I am sorry that we had a few days off of writing, but we came a few days ago to Yogyakarta and did a lot of stuff. Before I will tell you more about Jogja, how they call Yogyakarta in a lovely way, I will write about some tours we did in the area around. One of the most famous hindu temple, Prambanan, is just 40 minutes away from the city and it is the biggest Hindu temple in Java and the second largest Hindu site in Southeast Asia. It is from the 9th century and dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was the most beautiful place I have every been. The 47 meters high central building with his typical hindu architecture is a place to be, if you are in that area. Originally, the complex consists of 240 temples that shows from above a mandala. Unfortunately, the temple was partially destroyed by earthquakes (especially 2006) and vulcano erruptions. They still try to reconstruct the complex. We did not manage to come here on sunrise/sunset, but if you can manage it, it is the best time to see Prambanan! Beside tip: take a good suncream and water with you! It can be very hot and there are a lot of big stairs ;) If you are a student, take your card with you. The entrance fee is quite high and the student tariff is much better.

After that, we go on to see Gunung Merapi (Mountain Merapi), which is one of the most dangerous and active vulcanos in the world. Merapi means Firemountain and Javanese people are, on one hand, very scard of him, on the other hand they pay homage to him. It is a stratovulcano and errupt regularly since 1548. Pyroclastic flow from a large explosion killed many people since 1994. The last recent erruption was in May 2018. Ofcourse, this vulcano is on a monitoring program, also because in this area are living a lot of people. Evacuation programs and also a bunker, which we visited also, are part of the security program. It is also possible to go on a 6-hours-hiking tour to visit the top, but the route is closed for now, because he is quite active at the moment. We took a Jeep to handle the very bad roads and visited "Lost world", a village that was destroyed by an eruption in 2006. 5000 people died. You are walking the whole time on lava rocks, which also can be big as a room (see the picture with the stone that looks like an alien). There is also a mine where they use the lava rocks for house-building - a very dangerous place to work!

Next time, we will write more about Yogjakarta and the art scene here!

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