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Why you should visit the city - and why not!

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Hello again,

sorry for being late with our blog entries, but we had no time for writing at all.
Now I am ready to give a big review to Yogyakarta, so let us be honest! If you do not want to see the big temples nearby (Prambanan and Borobudur) or the Vulcano Merapi, you can skip the city. On the other hand we can recommend it to move here, if you have enough of Warungs, Nasi Goreng and Bintang. You will find a very young, artistic and inspiring community and chill-out areas, that you won't find anywhere else in Java. Also the food was incredible! If you wanna go to a lot of nice bars and restaurants nearby, you should stay in the area of Prawirotaman. We can highly recommend the SateBar, ViaVia, Mediterranea, Iconic Gelato and Bamboo House for food. You can find here (especially at Mediterranea) also good Steak, Pizza and Italien Food, but be prepared to book a table! If you wanna have some drinks, try Taphouse Beer Garden, Asmara and Sakapatat. Most pleases offer bear in their menu, but if you prefer wine or cocktails, ask your waiter! It is a bit a twilight zone. While you go for a walk in this area and explore the places by yourself, you will also find some nice shops where you can buy handmade artworks, chocolate or coffee and antiques. If you have time, you can also visit the Keraton (Sultans Palace) and the area around. Also the Malioboro Street (biggest shopping mall with a chinese market) is nice, if you wanna buy some Batik. At Malioboro Street, you will also find some nice streetfood with Durian or, if you like, grilled and fried bats. At Malioboro Street, be warned: some guys will come and want to show you around, but rather want to go with you to a batik factory. We heart really funny stories why we should go for a walk with them ;). In Jogja you can use the App Grab (like Uber), if you need a transport. It is very cheap, fast and useful, because walking around is not really nice. Some places are nice, ofcourse it is also nice to visit the temples in the area, but if you are just on the street, you will find only a lot of traffic, pollution and trash.

At least, if you are interested in a different way of living then other Javanese cities, you are also into art and streetart and if you enjoy good food and drinks, come to Yogjakarta! You will find open-minded people and also a lot of great galleries. We were surprised how many great galleries are in unexpeted places. Also the Jogja National Museum is must-see. We spent more than three hours their and bought some handmade, organic stuff at the shop enclosed.

Summing up, we loved the art places in Yogyakarta and the nice restaurants as well as the fantastic temples nearby, but don't be dissappointed if you would not find a lovely promenade, nice parks or rest areas. And take a rickshaw at least once - it was fun!

After Jogja, we moved to Borobudur for one night - read about this very soon!

The Soulfeeders


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Welcome to Indonesia

Our first impressions of Jakarta

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after a 15-hour-flight we finally arrived in Jakarta and took a taxi to our hotel nearby the train station "Gambir". Our first impressions: what a city!! If you are not used to live in a 9-million-residents-city, you will be impressed. It is not only a boom town with a lot of traffic and skyscrapers, it is also a city of diversity of all shapes. We watched a lot of business men, who are meeting in Jakarta from all around Asia, but you also have a lot of metal plated huts. The smell is a bit "smoked", weather almost misty and the sound of city is "miep miep" (never saw as many motorbikes).
Our hotel room is in the 21st floor and we have an amazing view over the city. After our arrival we had a drink at the pool and slept a bit. The nights start early, because at 6pm it is dark and you can see the city in a different kind of way. A lot of lights, even more motorbikes and everyone is awake. We went to a restaurant nearby, which was a good idea, because it is quite hard to walk around. We really enjoyed to watch the people sitting at some streetfood places, eating and chatting...and driving their motorbikes ;) There is left-hand traffic, but it doesn't matter. They come from every direction and to cross a bigger street is an adventure. The restaurant called "Pandok Laguna" is a very nice local fish-restaurant. We were the only tourists here, but it seemed to be a mid-standard place with high quality food. It was excellent!! We had spicy shrimps and some vegetables, fried fish (maybe tilapia) and some really, really tasty fried tofu-shrimp-balls. A beer later, we said "good night". Tomorrow, we will move to Bandung!

See you,
The Soulfeeders


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