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Swell is here!!!

sunny 28 °C
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Finally the swell came to Batukaras and surfing is a lot of fun! If you decide to go around lunch-time, you find the waves for you alone! Stefan had some very good sessions and he is smiling all day long. For dinner, we usually go with some new friends (Claude, Gilles and Christian), who are very nice guys. As it is dark at around 6pm, we normally go sleeping at around 9:30 pm and get up at 6:00 am. If the swell is really good, even earlier. I love to do Yoga Sessions in the mornings, when i am alone. So the last days were mostly about surfing. Beside that, there was a huge earthquake near Jakarta and we also felt it a bit. Since there was this terrible tsunami here, the people are very scared about earthquakes. We had a tsunami alert, but only for a few hours. Batukaras has a lot of emergency places! We are still at Java Cove because it is the best place to see the waves and just one minute from the spot away.

There are some things you can visit nearby, one of them is the Green Canyon. You can choose to go there by boat and just move a bit around through the jungle, or you go for a 4-hour-Body Rafting Tour, which we really can recommend! This was one of those experiences, we will never forget. We had a lot of fun and action and a really beautiful surrounding! You swim through the river in the middle of the jungle, then climb around, go through rapids, see some caves, water snakes, lizards and colourful birds. Don't be scared about millions of small crabs! Some stones look like they are moving :) Besides that: the tour we did is not for kids under 14!

After that great day, we were invited by an Indonesian family for dinner. Deni and his family own the Lagoon Bungalows in Batukaras and also the best Warung in Cijulang. It was very nice and delicious.

Bad news at the end: Stefan got sick this night. Fever and shaking, but as he feels better this morning, we hope it was "only" a sunstroke! And tomorrow he will be on his surfboard again!

Sampai jumpa lagi!

The Soulfeeders


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Welcome to Indonesia

Our first impressions of Jakarta

sunny 33 °C
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after a 15-hour-flight we finally arrived in Jakarta and took a taxi to our hotel nearby the train station "Gambir". Our first impressions: what a city!! If you are not used to live in a 9-million-residents-city, you will be impressed. It is not only a boom town with a lot of traffic and skyscrapers, it is also a city of diversity of all shapes. We watched a lot of business men, who are meeting in Jakarta from all around Asia, but you also have a lot of metal plated huts. The smell is a bit "smoked", weather almost misty and the sound of city is "miep miep" (never saw as many motorbikes).
Our hotel room is in the 21st floor and we have an amazing view over the city. After our arrival we had a drink at the pool and slept a bit. The nights start early, because at 6pm it is dark and you can see the city in a different kind of way. A lot of lights, even more motorbikes and everyone is awake. We went to a restaurant nearby, which was a good idea, because it is quite hard to walk around. We really enjoyed to watch the people sitting at some streetfood places, eating and chatting...and driving their motorbikes ;) There is left-hand traffic, but it doesn't matter. They come from every direction and to cross a bigger street is an adventure. The restaurant called "Pandok Laguna" is a very nice local fish-restaurant. We were the only tourists here, but it seemed to be a mid-standard place with high quality food. It was excellent!! We had spicy shrimps and some vegetables, fried fish (maybe tilapia) and some really, really tasty fried tofu-shrimp-balls. A beer later, we said "good night". Tomorrow, we will move to Bandung!

See you,
The Soulfeeders


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Packing our emergency medicine

...for surfing and hiking


Our departure is getting sooner and we are getting more excited. Today we started to pack our emergency medicine. As we will go surfing and a bit of hiking, we decided to focus on cuts, but also malaria medication is in our luggage and some antibiotics in case of... everything ;)
Avoidance is the main point when it comes to diseases like Dengue fever or Malaria. We will use No Bites for skin and clothes and we will also take a travel mosquito net with us. For any kinds of pain, we have paracetamol in our bag. But be careful: do not use it, if you get Dengue fever!! Every medicine that is blood-thining, is counterproductive! Ibuprofen is the agent you should work with. Take a clinical thermother with you to monitor your condition if you feel sick.

In case of deep cuts and no possibility of a hospital/doctor, we choosed stripes as well as desinfection (spray and cream) and rash cream.
Another point could be diarrhea ;). Take care of yourself and put some charcoal tablet and electrolytes.


In any case: visit a doctor/hospital if you are unsure about your health situation! Take care of you & your travel partner and also check your travel insurance!

Stay healthy and if you are prepared, everything will be fine :)

Your Soulfeeders


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